About the Author

About the Author

Welcome to this humble maker’s place on the web. I’m Nikki B, and I will be your blogger for today.

I’ve been hemming (hah) and hawing (and hah-ing, it would seem) for an embarrassingly long time about my ‘niche’. Oh lawd, the niche. How does one decide on her niche when she has a habit of delving into far too many projects at all times and never quite focusing her time on anything specific at all?

I finally came to realize that the constant theme in everything that makes me tick is creating. I’ve been a maker for nearly all of my life. From writing ‘stories’ since I could first crayon a sentence together, to playing and writing music both alone and in a band, to discovering the finer details of my environment through landscape photography, to the past near-decade of my life sewing to sell and eventually just sewing for myself and family, the theme has been: Creating.

As it should be.

Creating, as my favourite author Kurt Vonnegut said multiple times in his writing, is “the way to make your soul grow — whether there is a market for it or not”.

The focus of this blog will be on both marketable and also hobbyist matters — be they fancy resources, suppliers, shared experiences, reviews, tutorials, or otherwise — as both sellable and for-us projects foster our growth, and each have their importance.

I hope you will find value in this blog.

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Thanks for stopping by!

– Nikki B