Sewing the Tori Cinched Crop from Petite Stitchery

Sewing the Tori Cinched Crop from Petite Stitchery

It’s spring, but it’s still kind of winter here in Southern Ontario. No matter the weather though, you’ll find me making tanks year-round. It’s not that I hate sleeves. I actually love how easy it is to sew on a sleeve compared to making sure arm bands or binding are even and just the right length and stretch… I just don’t get a lot of wear out of my sleeved items aside from hoodies (which I am only recently embracing again) and cardigans. I wear tanks year round. I guess I do wear more tees lately, but tanks are more versatile as I’ll get to wear them through most of the year, especially when things get hot and gross out.

As I make so many tanks, I’ve been challenging myself to try different looks this year; the Tori Cinched Crop, Top and Dress PDF pattern [affiliate link] piqued my interest as soon as I saw it!

With its peekaboo back and cinched sides, it creates some great visual interest! It’s unlike any top I’ve ever made, and it’s (dare I say it) a very sexy pattern. I opted for the crop top, as this year I have decided I need more shirts of this length to mesh nicely with my higher-waisted summer pants. I don’t know if I’ve seen anything exactly like this sew in stores. It is very unique.

This sewing pattern comes with the option to cinch/not cinch the sides, to peekaboo/not peekaboo the back, to add sleeves (or one for dramatic effect)/make it a tank, to give it a mock neck/crew, not to mention it can be made in crop, top or dress length! And I am probably forgetting some options.

I used a higher GSM (230-240) heather purple jersey knit from Angry Ballerina Fabrics and I think it gave this top some nice structure.

You could also use a lighter weight flowy knit as long as it has 50% stretch. I will probably make some with a lighter knit fabric soon, as thick fabric + me in warm temps doesn’t always gel. Or maybe it does gel. It depends on your opinion of warmth+gel, I suppose.

I absolutely loved how clear the instructions were, given there were so many different options that could have made things very confusing.

For something that is so unlike anything else I’ve ever worn, I am floored by it. It’s good to step out of your own box sometimes. If you’ve been on the fence about the Tori, you should definitely give it a go.

You can find the Tori Crop, Top & Dress pattern by Petite Stitchery here! [Affiliate link]

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